Almost three years ago I reached my heaviest weight of 350 lbs. I was eating anything I wanted because I didn’t know any better. You get into a habit your whole life of sharing things because they make you happy or feel good, but later you don’t feel that great. You get accustomed to consuming things that are not healthy especially with me growing up in a family where rice is a staple. That all changed in 2016 when I researched different diets all of which did not work until I discovered keto. I did tons of research and realized it’s not a diet, it all had to do with science. So I decided to give it a try. I even had my wife do it with me. After changing my average carb loaded meals to things such as eggs and bacon for breakfast and spinach and chicken or rib eye for dinner the weight started to fall off. I had more energy and my clothes began to be too big. I began going to the gym after 6 months keto and began to lift weights and tone up. Here I am now 3 years later and at my healthiest. My lowest weight was 215. I gained some muscle weight due to bodybuilding and I feel great. I never regret changing my life and finally understanding that you have to control portions as well as limit sugars and flour and rice and pasta. If you can do that, you can do anything! Yes I had plateaus along the way. But I also learned you have to change it up. You have to trick your metabolism by consuming various meals with different veggies and proteins and you will keep burning the fat. And also fat does not make you fat, carbs do!


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