My name is Grace Peters, and I am a young pastor’s wife from Wisconsin! I consider my life to be very blessed. I grew up in a love-filled home in the deep South, and while we did not have very much money, my mom taught me how to love to cook and how to serve others through cooking. I loved to be in the kitchen, because I loved to eat, and the majority of what I made was desserts. I started trying to eat healthy when I was first in junior high because it was the first time that I noticed what my body shape looks like, and of course it was in comparison to others. I was not overweight at that point, but I did have a food addiction that would increase into my teen and adult years. 

No matter what diet or eating plan I tried, healthy eating seemed unattainable and short-term. I seesawed from all-out healthiness and exercise to going back over and over again to the snacks and brownies and cookies. Up, down, up, down—riddled with guilt. In June 2018, I gave birth to my third baby in three years. I had really tried to be healthy with that pregnancy, but I wasn’t prepared to face the postpartum depression that hit a few weeks after the baby was born and would continue for the next eight months. I began to notice a link between my sugar-craze days and my depression. When I overate on junk, the depression would be at its worst the next day. Every time. 

Defeated and discouraged about what I was putting into my body and feeling the physical exhaustion of having a newborn plus two toddlers plus facing depression, I decided to make some serious life changes. A month after the baby was born, my parents encouraged me to look into Keto eating to try to help some of that postpartum. They had followed the lifestyle plan with great success for about six months before encouraging me. I decided to start with the plan and then be done with it after I hit my goal weight. 

But I started researching and putting time into the why’s behind Keto. I began losing weight, but not as rapidly as I wanted. What I thought would take me a month or two lengthened to more months, but I was intrigued with learning more about the science of Keto (and naturally trying all the delicious Keto products on the market!).

I am now nine months into Keto and two pounds away from my goal weight. What has happened in my heart over those months has been incredible. I came to a real understanding of my food addiction and named it, and through discipline and God’s grace, I have kicked that addiction! I feel freedom from the power food had over me, freedom to say no, freedom to choose something better. My energy for my family has skyrocketed. I’m not taking naps every day or going to bed early. I am learning just how good real food tastes and am broadening my cooking skills! I’ve been able to encourage many friends to start Keto as well. It has given me such hope to be at this place in my life, to know I can do something about my health and be confident in it! 

Thank you!


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