My name is Mandi, I am 35 yrs old. Before keto, I was addicted to sugar, I loved cakes, candy, cookies, anything sweet! I had zero self esteem, couldn’t keep up with my two kids (who were 4 and 2 at the time) and I was generally miserable.

A friend of mine told me about the keto diet, and I thought “there’s absolutely no way in h*LL I could ever do that” I thought and stewed on it for a while and decided to try it for a month. The first two weeks were so hard! I ended up having a binge, but I got right back to the plan. I made some strawberry cheesecake fat bombs to satisfy my sweet tooth. Some of my favorite meals are wings in my ninja foodi air fryer, steak, blackened chicken, and salad! I also love chaffles (cheese waffles) and coffee. We meal plan every week, and I always try to adapt whatever my family is eating. If my kids and husband are having chicken burgers (they won’t touch beef) I will have a lettuce wrapped burger or just a bunless burger and salad, if they’re having pizza, I’ll make fathead pizza.

Tracking for vital, I used MyFitnessPal to track and count my macros. I enter everything in there! Usually in advance so I know what wiggle room I have if I want something sweet.

My workout routine involves chasing preschoolers through the playground at school lol. I usually try to take my girls for walks, but I don’t actually attend a gym…like ever. I do really enjoy spinning I just don’t have the time. I also enjoy yoga although I’m not very good. This whole summer has been a bit of a plateau for me. So I am going back to basics. Resuming my intermittent fasting, tracking everything, and eating more veggies! Hopefully I’ll start seeing some progress again soon!

My like has changed so much over the past year. Since starting keto I’m down a ton of weight, I’ve lost 10 dress sizes, my mental health feels stronger, I am happier, I have learned to let go of some of the toxic influences in my life, and I am now a preschool teacher, and a student furthering my education in early childhood development. My favorite keto resource is Instagram. There is an amazing keto community on there! People who don’t even know you, but are willing to shower you with love and support. It means the world to me to know that so many people are rooting for me and encouraging me. And I just hope that at some point my content helps them when they are struggling!

I have been on keto since June 11, 2018. I have lost at LEAST 147 lbs. I say at lease because at my heaviest I couldn’t find a scale to weigh myself! Before I started keto, I wish I’d known how much this way of eating was going to change me, not just physically but mentally. I have strength inside me I didn’t know was there before keto!


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