Urged by my best friend for about 6 months to start keto. I wasn’t in a mindset to make changes even though I was 237 pounds and in pain. My back hurt, I was battling hives and inflammation. 
February 2017, Best friend had me over for dinner and made fathead pizza and something clicked!  I gave up sugar and grains immediately and started losing.

In the first year,  I lost 45 pounds without working out. I was too embarrassed and out of shape to work out. Around my 1 year anniversary I joined a women’s-only HIIT gym. My weighloss slowed down, but I didn’t give up as I knew I was gaining muscle. My second year I lost 15 pounds. Around my 2 year anniversary I started intermittent fasting and have lost another 10 pounds since February.

Hives have gone away completely, inflammation is gone, my back is no longer in constant pain. I’m happier and healthier now. I can go to the park with my son and actually get to play with him. 


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