Think it, ink it and witness the miracle of manifestation

For those of you that are in my orbit, you know I am a freak for journaling. I have seen journaling make massive shifts in my life from weight loss to mind set journaling has been my friend. I have bought dozens of journals for friends and family. In fact, we even have a Guy Gone Keto journal. I find myself being asked the continual question of where I begin. I have found the best way to begin writing in your journal is to ask a question. It can be any question. You will be surprised by how the words will start flowing onto the page.

I have a pretty structured form of journaling. I work from the same premise of question asking but, it is a bit more structured. This method works well for me. This is how I do it.

The first paragraph I write is generally a reflection on the previous day, like what I did, what I observed how I felt. After the initial paragraph I dig in with the following questions:

What do I want to create/manifest?
If you don’t have a well-defined outcome you desire, you will be a like a ship without a destination. Ships with out navigation can end up on the rocky shores and sink. There are a couple differing schools of thought on how to phrase and outcome. There are assertions that stating an intention as if it already has occurred tricks the brain into believing it has already happened. I have not seen any evidence in my own practice or studies that confirms this either way. My suggestion is do whatever feels right to you. One of my outcome statements is: “by 2020 I will take Icon Foods public and adopt blockchain technology”. That’s pretty simple. I have about a dozen of these outcome statements. At this point you will find that your page will be half way full. Congratulations. You are ready to move on to your purpose statement.

What is my purpose?

Knowing your why is so very important. The why behind everything you do defines the impact. If you are looking to super-charge your outcomes, know the why behind the outcome. If this is too esoteric let me share an example with you. Here is a purpose statement. The question is “what is my purpose”. My statement is: my purpose is to deliver value to those I love and those within my orbit. I deliver value by being generous with my listening, my time and my resources. The purpose behind taking my company public is so that I may share stock with those who helped me build my business. That is a purpose statement and the why behind it. This might take some practice but, once you make it yours it will flow from you like a spring.

Who will I forgive and who will I ask forgiveness from?
How important is your freedom to you? Ponder this. Most people are willing to die for their freedom. The founding fathers of our country certainly were. Here is your opportunity to set yourself free from the burden of resentment. Forgiveness will give you freedom. This is how it is done when journaling. Forgiveness statement: “I ask that (name of person) forgive me for any pain and suffering I may have caused them”. “I forgive myself for selling myself short, playing it small and putting myself in situations that do not support my higher purpose”. All is forgiven. You will be surprised by how freeing this it.

What am I grateful for today?

Gratitude is likely that greatest shifters of mindset. You can not be sad, angry, hurt or depressed it you are in a attitude of gratitude. If you don’t feel like you have anything to be grateful for, this is sad but, also untrue. Are you breathing? Be grateful for your breath. Do you have family members who love you? Be grateful for that. Is there a blue sky, a cool breeze and warm sun? These are all things to be grateful for. When I journal I embrace even the hard times.  I am grateful for weighing five pounds more than what I expected because it gives me an opportunity to drill down and eat better. I am grateful for every single experience both good and bad that have shaped me for who I am right and where I am right not. If you dig deep enough you can find something to be grateful for. If you are reading this them be grateful for the fact you can see. Getting it down on paper and putting yourself in a state of gratitude will set the tone for a glorious day.

Affirmations are, in my opinion are the catalyst that cements all of your statements together. These can change on a day to day basis or they can stay the same. This is where you will affirm what it is you want and desire. It’s also a great way just to feel really good about yourself. I like to take deep healing breaths while I write my daily affirmations. It goes like this: With each healing breath I draw I attract, health, wellness, property, happiness, laughter and connection. With each exhale, I lovingly release any and all self-limiting believes, habits, thoughts, people and circumstances that no longer server my higher purpose and bring me closer to my desired outcome.

There you have it. This is a road map for your journaling journey. (smiley face) It is important that you journal in your words. Words you own and ponder. Words that make you think.
Good luck and let me know how this works for you.

Have a sensational day!

Thom King
CEO/Founder – Guy Gone Keto


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